he practice of eating with bare hands has been a trademark of KAMAYAN SA PALAISDAAN for years -- an expression of good taste that jives well with the ambiance of unhurried ease. A place where you can commune with the serenity of nature where style and taste are perfectly defined as impeccable and distinctively world-class.

Be stunned by the landscapes and enjoy the panoramic view of Mount Banahaw almost at hand. There is nothing more satisfying than delighting your senses. Visiting Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is a magnificent foundation for your soul's retreat.

Chill out at KAMAYAN SA PALAISDAAN -- a haven from stress as you leisurely devour on premium native cooking only our professional personnel can provide. Moreover, meals particularly seafoods are guaranteed freshly harvested to give you the finest taste of exquisite native cuisines.

From a bird's eye view, KAMAYAN SA PALAISDAAN is a perfect shot of what native ambiance is all about, where flora and fauna embellish around the dining places. On the closer look, sophistication and refinement abound. Feel at home as you explore every nook and be amazed by how every place is artistically designed.

Whether you fancy an idyllic place to stay, set an intimate moment with your love one, gather your family and friends for an utmost dining experience or give a VIP an unforgettable treat, KAMAYAN SA PALAISDAAN is the place for you.

KAMAYAN SA PALAISDAAN'S years of proven experience in serving unique, varied, delectable cuisines are at your service with our gracious staff always welcoming you with their sincere smiles.

You will be spellbound as you experience how a refreshing site and verdant ambiance could heighten one's appetite. KAMAYAN SA PALAISDAAN'S hypnotic and therapeutic beauty will keep you coming back.

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